Booking a room/bed/trailer/train at Basecamp

BaseCamp Young Hostel
In der Raste 1, 53129 Bonn

  • You have to book 2 nights or more, we get a little discount
  • Due to safety restrictions the caravans and trains must be locked during the official event time.
  • Breakfast, towels, linen, wifi is all included
  • There is a city tax in Bonn (5%)

Let them know you are an SnS artist! Please note that the showdates are blocked if you try to reserve online.

Prices per night:

  • A train compartment for 1 person (single room): 40€
  • A train compartment for 2 persons 60€
  • Caravans for 1: 60€
  • Caravan for 2: 80€
  • Caravan for 3: 100€

Booking via email:

Below is the information they need from you:

  • Keyword: Saints&Sinners2020
  • Date of arrival:
  • Date of departure:
  • Accomodation type: Caravan or train (a wish for a certain caravan or vehicle is surley possible but depends on the availability and the number of persons)
  • Number of persons (1-2 is possible in almost all accomodation types, 3 persons in some of them, 4 people (f.e. with kids) on request)
  • Name
  • Adress
  • Phone
  • Mail