Michael “Boms” Bielawa was born in Poland is where he used to be an air traffic controller. He got bored and moved to Ludwigsburg Germany in 2016 because het got a job as a Service Engineer. Boms is a ‘Jack of all trades’ he also was a freelance graphic designer he made the logo- and a few early ski graphics for Majesty Skis and he even ran his own clothing brand for a while. Boms is new on the Kustom scene he considers himself a beginner… and is one of the young guns we invited to the show.

Eventually my artistic development turned full circle and I regained interest in traditional techniques. Around 2012 I came across a book about Kustom graphics and instantly fell in love with the lowbrow aesthetics.”

Michael carved up a few tikis, painted some cheesy acrylics, sprayed some stencil portraits and in 2017 he bought his first couple good brushes and some crappy enamels. The snowball was slowly rolling, gaining momentum as time went by.

I can’t really remember when the ideas started sprouting but right now I have more ideas on the waiting list than the time to carry them out… So I guess I now have to learn to work faster.

Painting stuff with enamels is his favorite but he likes to mix. He is also customizing holy figures with paint and some get remodeled using epoxy clay. Boms says his style is still crystallizing out, he is eager to learn new techniques and not afraid to make mistakes. Who knows where he wil be 10 years from now.