Claudio Nosari Leathercraft

Originally from Bergamo in rural Italy, Claudio always had a passion for motorcycle, vintage cars and leather.
“I remember, I used to visit local leather artisan shops just so I could admire the artistry involved into to making leather goods, and have a taste of that ancient traditional craft.”.
In his late teens, the passion for travel with his bike brought Claudio to Northern Ireland, where he started to practice leather techniques, like staining, carving and hand stitching.

Over a decade now Claudio is still exploring for new techniques.
Leather craft is a never ending learning process, always trying to achieve perfection, and never stop learning are a must!”.
Claudio personally selects the leather from the tannery before the
the leather is hand cut, stained, carved and on customer request either hand stitched or machine stitched.