Konings Paint

Dennis Konings from Oudenbosch in the Netherlands is a kustom painter and pinstriper extraordinaire. It is no coïcidence that most show winning motorcycles in the Netherlands are painted by Dennis. His tight freehand linework and super clean candy paintwork is second to none. No wonder Dennis became a full time painter a few years ago.

“Oldschool flames are one of my most favorite things to paint. When I was still doing the outlines of the flames by masking with tape I watched Discovery Channel with people from the States that painted the outlines by hand. I needed to try that for myself, so I got a xcalibur 000 brush and a couple cans of One Shot.
A whole new world opened up to me!! Pinstriping the outlines of flames became pinstriping designs, handlettering, goldleafing and meeting lots of cool people!”