Who is on the show?

Interested to join us? We still have some room left.


This year we have a few shops on the show again, without their sponsorship Saints and Sinners 2020 would not be possible. Thank you guys!

Bolt bliss

Ruhr rod shop


Kustom Kulture artists

Acid and Fuel art DE

Artwork 79 DE

Cosmik Slug’ BE

Michael BOMS Bielawa (Polish Lowbrow) PL/DE

DeDick DE

Demon’s speedshop BE

Dirk Pixeleye Behlau DE

DMTR Kustom Art NL

Erik Bolk

Gecko Kustoms NL

GrĂ­mur art BE


Koen’s Fine Art

Konings Paint NL

Mosaik Masaker DE

Muerto loco NL

Old School Leatherart DE

The Grrudy BE

Uncle Marc’s KustomLab DE

SchwarzWaldArbeit DE

Von M Kustom Lines DE

Tattoo shops and artists

For the first time we have a Tattoo show as a sideshow. Contact any of them if you want an appointment. It is also perfectly fine to just walk in without one.

Cross my Heart Tattoo DE
Beppo Peter Epping,
Rodrigo Leite Botero,
Henning Forster

Henry Ahab NL

Jahpix DE

Kokoloko Tattoo
Kokoloko NL
Zina Plugari RO

Lowbrow Tattoo Copenhagen DK
Jesper Bram


Get yer hair cut! Just take a number and wait your turn.

Bigsby the Singing Barber NL

Sleazy Tiki, Barbershop and custom art NL